Warranty Claims

Purchaser acknowledges that it has selected and ordered goods based on its own skill and judgment and agrees that it is responsible for ensuring that the goods selected are fit for Purchaser’s purpose. AM Store warrants to the Purchaser only that such goods have been produced in accord with Brand standard practices with regard to materials and workmanship and no samples or prior description of goods shall constitute an express warranty.


If goods are non-conforming, AMstorepk.com,  will either :
(i) allow Purchaser to return the goods and receive repayment of the price or (ii) replace the goods. No goods are to be returned to AM Storepk.com without prior written consent off the purchaser.
Purchaser is liable to pay for associated costs incurred by AM Storepk.com due to its selection of noncompliant or defective products, designs, or materials.
These associated costs include:
(a) an administrative charge to cover all handling, data entry, and reporting activities from the selection of noncompliant or defective products, designs, or materials;
 (b) any additional costs incurred by Brand in managing the noncompliant or defective products, designs, or materials, including but not limited to, all reworks, investigations and other consequential costs
(c) with respect to goods manufactured or delivered by the dispute resolution division of Brand, up to a thirty five percent (35%) return fee with a minimum restocking fee of Rs200/- or the equivalent..
E-commerce purchases are exempt from a return fee as long as returned merchandise is in re usable condition as determined by AMstorepk.com . AM Store reserves the right to alter the fixed administrative charges at any time without notice to Purchaser. AM Store shall not be responsible for any selection made by Purchaser and will not have any liability to Purchaser for any loss, damages, costs or expenses suffered by Purchaser as a result thereof.


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